We’re a one-of-a-kind global community
helping thousands of people lead a
one-of-a-kind life

You’re our hero, our muse,
inspiration and at Business Chicks,
our mission is to
see you kick butt.

You’ll be part of a community of curious, ambitious and big-hearted women, inspired into action through the experiences, events and content we create.

You’ll be connected with over 500,000 women across the globe – both on and offline - as you’re given the tools to grow your business and career and have a bunch of fun along the way.

Current members have been spoiled by presentations by trailblazers like Gloria Steinem, Brené Brown and Richard Branson as well as joining in on money-can’t-buy experiences like training with the New York City Fire Department- yeah, we did that!

 With Business Chicks, you’ll help make the world a better place for women everywhere as we raise funds (over $13 million now) for a tonne of not-for-profits.

Go on, make our day and join us!

“I’m eternally grateful for the things I’ve learnt, the people I’ve met and the support I continue to feel as a member”

Sarah Davidson

FOUNDER, Sieze the Yay

The Business Chicks Story…

so far!


Emma Isaacs buys Business Chicks and created her first event, begging all her family and friends to come along. Over 500 people show up.

Over the next few years Business Chicks grows to have a presence in every city in Australia


Latte – Business Chicks’ glossy magazine for members – launches


Sir Richard Branson graces the Business Chicks stage for the first time


We roll out our digital member platform


Business Chicks brings Sir Bob Geldof Down Under for the first (of three) times


Rachel Zoe flies to Australia to speak for us (and we wear our fanciest heels)

The team produces six events in 36 hours with Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington for over 6,000 people *mops sweat from brow*


We launch our expo, 9 to Thrive, plus …

• Leadership Gathering on Necker Island

• Movers + Breakers conference

• International Women’s Day events

Business Chicks is launched into the US, with sell-out events in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco

Emma flies to LA to launch Business Chicks in the US!


Olivia Ruello appointed CEO of Australian business

Dame Quentin Bryce, Turia Pitt, Gloria Steinem, Sophia Amoruso and Nigella Lawson grace the Business Chicks stage (not a bad line-up, eh?)

PowerPlayers entrepreneur program launches


Nicole Kidman, Quentin Bryce, Jane Goodall and Amy Cuddy all grace the Business Chicks stage this year


Emma Isaacs’ debut book, Winging It, is released

First Knowledge and Study tour to Los Angeles

Kate Hudson graces the Business Chicks stage


Our reach hits 500,000 women – wahey!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Marie Forleo speak for Business Chicks

The Knowledge + Study Tour expands to New York


Elizabeth Gilbert hits the stage

We create 100+ virtual events

Winging It is released in the USA

Business Club, our program for small business owners, kicks off


As the world recovers, we continue our digital events programming plus our offline events start to pick up again

Our community is hungry for learning, connection so we produce two Movers + Breakers conferences

Emma’s second book The New Hustle is released


In development, pardon our dust while we compile the highlights!


Um, we are still in 2023 Ladies, PATIENCE!!

“I can’t remember a time when you weren’t there and playing an important role in my life. So many amazing memories of learnings, experiences and most of all friendships.”

Cathie Reid, AM


Business Chicks is the community you didn’t know you needed.

‘A community of like-minded women.’

Yawn, we’ve heard that before!

Join Business Chicks and you’ll share the company of business owners, women that work for others, CEOs, students, side hustlers, freelancers, slashies and retirees. You might sit next to an accountant or yoga teacher at one of our famous lunches, take a selfie with a CEO or celebrity or even feature in our glossy magazine, Latte.

Think you’re too young or too old? Puh-lease, that’s crazy talk! Our youngest member is 17 and the oldest is 85. Think your postcode will impact joining? We’ve got members everywhere from Australia to Kenya.

If there’s one thing you take away from all this, it’s that being a Business Chick is more than a membership, it’s a mindset. You’ll learn how to believe in your own potential, be supported by incredible women from all walks of life and push yourself out of your comfort zone, with a bit of dancing on the side of course.

If you think this sounds like the crew you want to hang around, we’d love to have you join us!


  • Nope, you certainly do not! You can have any job (or no job!). Business Chicks is all about women (and men) lifting each other up, whatever your age, stage, profession or gender. Our youngest member is 17, our oldest is 85, and 5% of our members are male. To find out more about what we do, click here!

  • Well, kind of, but we’re so much more! We are a membership network whose number one goal is you. We run loads of masterclasses like learning how to grow your business and office mental health, lunches to meet new friends or celebrate with old ones and so much more. Our goal is to see you shine so prepare to put front and centre.

  • So many things! Like weekly masterclasses and meetups, a community of others to lean on and learn from and a bunch of exclusive opportunities too. Check out all the perks of being a member here (hint: there's lots!).

  • Of course you can! We’ve got members all over the globe – including USA, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and more! And while our overseas members aren’t able to join us for our on-the-ground Australian events, all the membership benefits still apply.

  • We're all in or nothing type of people, so we don't offer a trial period. We totally understand the need to try before you buy though, so sign up as a subscriber and we'll send you three of our favourite masterclass recordings, or chat to our team about your needs and what you’re looking for right now and we can talk you through it.

  • Best gift, EVER! We’d be happy to help, please email us to organise the surprise! hello@businesschicks.com