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Unlock 12 months of opportunities for just $17 a month ($199 a year)

Member Only Events
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Access to member-only events and experiences like our conference, Movers + Breakers

Weekly Online Member Meetups

Free access to weekly online member meet-ups to grow your network and feel connected

Free Access to Fortnightly Virtual Masterclasses

Learn from the best with our online masterclasses (individually valued at $24.95)

On-Demand Masterclass Library

Learning and development on-demand with access to a video library of 100+ masterclasses (valued at over $2500)

Present a Masterclass or Share your Story

The opportunity to pitch your own Masterclass Online, share your story or promote your business

Discounts and First Access on Event Tix

You’ll be the first to find out about blockbuster events and experiences and never pay full price for anything!

Post or Access Job Opportunities

Find the best people with the opportunity to share job opportunities with our community

“Every time I get an email announcing a new masterclass, I’m like whoa, seriously! You’re ticking all my boxes!”


Live and On-Demand Online Education

Learn with Business Chicks

Upskill in everything from managing money to mindfulness with weekly virtual masterclasses full of the practical stuff and how-tos presented by our favourite experts.

Plus binge on learning whenever you feel like it with our member-only video library that gives you access to 100+ masterclasses and online events. 

Weekly Virtual Member Meetups

Meet your People

Join our free weekly virtual meet-ups to build your network of people you can lean on. Join us for an hour of relaxed conversation that we promise will be interesting, uplifting and as with everything Business Chicks does – leave you feeling better than when you started.

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Need a new accountant? Copywriter? Business coach? Florist? Or want to find other women who work in your industry? You’ll find who you’re looking for in our member-only community hub. And they’ll be helpful and awesome because they’re a Business Chick too!

I’m a curious rebel and I joined Business Chicks to co-create with brilliant minds.

Hi, I’m Yemi

Hi, I’m Mary

Joining Business Chicks was just like having 10000 business besties. No competition. Just there to support me and help.

Hi, I’m Shelly

I joined Business Chicks because I’d always been an employee and it was time to run my own show. 9 years on, hands down the best investment I ever made

Hi, I’m Jordanne

I joined Business Chicks to learn from the best and be part of a community of brilliant women who cheer each other on and lift each other up.

Find out what’s possible for you

Discover what’s possible

Warning … joining Business Chicks can be life-altering. And that’s not just a marketing gimmick; when you’re surrounded by others that think big, it tends to rub off. You’ll get exclusive invites to our member-only experiences like Business Club, Movers + Breakers, Lead, Knowledge and Study Tour and Necker Island (yep, they’re as cool as they sound!).

Business Club

Knowledge + Study Tour

Necker Island

Movers + Breakers

Is Business Chicks right for me?

This community is made up of business owners, women that work for others, CEOs, students, side hustlers, freelancers, slashies and retirees. You’ll be surrounded by everyone from accountants to yoga teachers. Our youngest member is 17 and oldest is 85. We have members everywhere from Sydney to Kenya. But the one thing we have in common is that we all want to see women succeed, and we know that looks different to everyone. We’re optimistic. We seek opportunity. We support one another.

Well, obviously!