Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried our best to read your mind, but not in a freaky way, just a helpful way.

Check out the answers below on everything from membership to events. And to answer the question, "What should I have for dinner?", we reckon tacos never disappoint. 


  • Nope, you certainly do not! You can have any job (or no job!). Business Chicks is all about women (and men) lifting each other up, whatever your age, stage, profession or gender. Our youngest member is 17, our oldest is 85, and 5% of our members are male. To find out more about what we do, click here!

  • So many things! Like weekly masterclasses and meetups, a community of others to lean on and learn from and a bunch of exclusive opportunities too. Check out all the perks of being a member here (hint: there's lots!)

  • Of course you can! We’ve got members all over the globe – including USA, Singapore, Kenya, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and more! And while our overseas members aren’t able to join us for our on-the-ground Australian events, all the membership benefits still apply.

  • We're all in or nothing type of people, so we don't offer a trial period. We totally understand the need to try before you buy though, so sign up as a subscriber and we'll send you three of our favourite masterclass recordings, or chat to our team about your needs and what you’re looking for right now and we can talk you through it.

  • Best gift, EVER! Gift giving is our love language and we’d love to help, please email us to organise the surprise!


  • In most instances, you don’t have to be a member to book an event ticket, unless it's an exclusive member-only event or experience, then yes, you have to be a member to access them. Our members also receive a discount on all their event tickets and first dibs – as well as a suite of other goodies just for being a member – so what we're saying is you should totally be a member! Find out more about our membership and sign up here.

  • Yes, you can (and also, you're nice!). If your friend is a member, make sure you enter the email address associated with their membership to ensure they get their member discount too.

  • If you’ve run into an issue with your booking within 48 hours of the event, (or minutes if you’re joining us online!) it’s best to give us a call on 02 8235 0140 so we can assist stat!

  • Head to your event confirmation email and hit the “Update Attendees” button! Easy peasy.

    If you've booked for an in-person event and it's 10 business days or less before the event, you won't be able to change these details online. Please get in touch with our events team at or at 02 8235 0140.

  • We wish we could put you all in the front row! But that would be a little crowded right?

    Our members and partners are prioritised first (another reason to be a member!) and foremost. After that, our seating is allocated with a first booked, first seated process. While we make sure there are no bad seats at our events, those who purchase their tickets first will be allocated seating closer to the stage as a reward for getting in early!

    If you have a special seating request, we will do our absolute best! However you will need to let us know a minimum of 10 working days before the event – just email us on

  • Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.. a woman after our own heart. Here are all our policies regarding out events:






  • If you feel like we’d go together like cheese and wine, get in touch with our friendly Partnerships Team at or read more here.

  • We offer a diverse media platform and have a range of opportunities to support and partner with like-minded brands.

    Each of our partnership campaigns and brand collaborations are bespoke, so please just get in touch with your vision, goals and any ideas you have. We like to think BIG – and you should too! We're already excited!

  • We sure do! If you have a team of 10 or more, please get in touch and we’d love to chat about a bespoke corporate membership package that’s right for you and your team.

  • We’re proud to say we’ve raised more than $13 million for various charities. Our major charity partner is The Hunger Project, and we promote many different not-for-profits at our events and through different campaigns. We’d love to hear about your charity, so send an email to Keep in mind that we’re flooded with charity requests and truly wish we could support every single one, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible.

  • Of course! Please touch base with the Partnerships Team at who can provide our shiniest and most up-to-date media kit.

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