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Hear from the best entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business minds. Whether you’ve missed out on any monthly Masterclass Online webinars, want to re-watch to catch all the tips and tricks, or live in a regional or remote area – we’ve got your back!

Rehumanising leadership

Jenn Chin will take you through how to embed empathy, intersectionality, cultural intelligence and social impact across the entirety of your business. You’ll walk away from this masterclass inspired to make heart driven, practical and empathetic decisions in your business. This masterclass will inspire you to lead in a way that’s aligned to your values!

Why you need a Reconciliation Action Plan (and how to do one)

In this masterclass, Marsha Uppill, proud Adnyamathanha woman and Co-Founder and Director of Arranyinha Pty Ltd, will join us to unpack what a RAP is and why your workplace needs one. She will discuss the four different types of RAPs, as well as the process of getting a RAP endorsed. So, whether you’re a business owner, leader in your organisation or just interested, this masterclass will connect, engage and inspire you to become part of the change.

How to turn what you know into an online course

Tina Tower is a high-performance business coach, helping hundreds of people package their expertise into an online course and launch it to the world. In our next Masterclass Tina will teach you:

  • How to validate your idea

  • How an online-course business really works

  • How to put your online course together

  • The next steps to take to bring your online-course dreams to life

Why your website sucks

You’ll leave this masterclass crystal clear on:

  • How to make your website SEO-friendly

  • Practical tools to help you build a solid, authentic relationships through an engaging blog

  • How to convey your brand messaging in a succinct and memorable way through clever website copywriting

Marketing in a Socially Conscious World with Dr Vivian Pontes

Business Chicks Masterclass Online: Copywriting Glowup with Brooke Hill

Sarah Di Lorenzo - 10 Strategies of a healthy life and being the best version of you!

'Master every moment and live an audacious life' with Kate Christie

Getting your business ready for new financial year

In this super-practical workshop with finance expert Mel Browne, you’ll walk away understanding:

  • Why your money mindset might be affecting your sales

  • Activity vs. results

  • Setting goals in your business

  • How to set and track key numbers in your business

How to show up on screen

In this Masterclass online, Rebecca Saunders will provide you with all the industry secrets to ensure you always look your best on screen. She will teach you all the tools and tricks to stay calm, collected and confident in front of the camera. Rebecca will talk you through having the confidence to present like a boss and own the screen!

How to find out what your dream job actually is

In this Masterclass, Claire Curyer, Career Transition Coach, provides you with all the tools and techniques to explore career opportunities that excite you and energise you. Together with, Suncorp and their Team Girls program, Claire explores the ways in which you can give purpose and meaning to your career. This Masterclass will leave you feeling confident to map out the career of your dreams!

Supporting your team's mental wellbeing

In this Masterclass, Rebecca Gravestock, Director of People and Performance Australia and Asia for online accounting software platform Xero is back. Bec will discuss how you can create a working environment where your people feel safe, supported and enabled to do their best – whether they’re at home or in the office.

Unpacking your 2020

In the first part of this masterclass leading coach (and Business Chicks favourite!) Kemi Nekvapil will take you through an interactive facilitation process to help you acknowledge your 2020, all it has given, and all it has taken away. In the second part, we’ll look towards 2021 - while so much is still uncertain, we do have choices in how we move forward.

How to get yourself a grant

In this Masterclass Online, you’ll learn:  

  • The two purposes of grant funding – and why that matters for you 

  • How to leverage the different types of grants and decide which one is suitable

  • Three strategic steps you can take to get ready for a year of grants in 2021 and beyond

How to pick wine like an expert

Jacob’s Creek want you to become a pro at wine, not just pro-wine. Jacob’s Creek Group White and Sparkling Winemaker, Trina Smith, and brand Wine Ambassador, Kristy Farrell, will dish out helpful tips and tricks that’ll have you grabbing the drinks list at your next business lunch or night out (we’re counting down) and spouting wine lingo like a sommelier.

Mindful money

Canna is an experienced financial planner and the best-selling author of The $1000 Project and Mindful Money, she’s also a mum and entrepreneur and understands why managing your money can feel hard. In our next masterclass, Canna joins us to share her personal tips and tricks for building, managing and protecting your money mindfully - no matter what you earn or how much you know about finances.

How to think long term in a short term world

Modern-day philosopher Roman Krznaric is on a mission to move us away from short-term thinking to what he calls ‘cathedral thinking’. His latest book, The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short Term World, reveals how we can expand our imaginations far beyond the here and now and be ‘good ancestors’, leaving something worthwhile for future generations.

How to be cyber safe in 2020

In this Masterclass Online we’ll be joined Margrith Appleby, General Manager of global security company Kaspersky, who will explain the importance of cybersecurity and cyber awareness, and why it’s an essential element to your business success. She’ll cut through the jargon of ransomware, phishing, scams, and malicious attacks and leave you feeling empowered and in control.

The power of attraction

After stripping things back (goodbye global business and team of 22), Tory Archbold found happiness, positivity, health, emotional flexibility, and love. Using this momentum she founded Powerful Steps, and in this Masterclass Online, Tory wants to help you reshape your brand, business and life using the proven strategies that she’s developed over two decades.

How to optimise your health and wellness

In this Masterclass Online, Dr Cameron McDonald will unpack the biology of how we’re all different, and explain how an understanding of this can help to take control of our health, time, relationships, energy and performance. He will provide strategies for each of us to maximise resilience, recover from stress and create more flow in all areas of life.  

Why staff engagement has never been more important (and how you can manage it)

Rebecca Gravestock is the Director of People and Performance (that title alone makes us want to squeeze all the knowledge from her) at Xero Australia and Asia, and she’s here to help you unlock the secrets to rallying an engaged and empowered workforce. In this Masterclass Online, Bec will share her experiences as a people leader during a pandemic, reveal how to create a positive workplace environment, and answer your questions. 

How to launch a sell-out product

Priscilla Hajiantoni puts her success down to research and in this Masterclass Online, will share the advice that took her ‘yellow tube of goodness’ to a multimillion dollar business in less than two years. After leaving her corporate job, Priscilla spent two years observing, learning, and researching the skincare space before creating her first multi-purpose product, so she knows a thing or two about patience and planning. You’ll leave this masterclass with research and planning advice that you can put into practice right away, tips for launching a sell-out product, and a peek behind the scenes at one of Australia’s most exciting new brands.

How to build your brand on social

Jordan Lomax is an experienced Social and Digital Marketer who runs The Social Lab. Jordan is here to Masterclass you and your brand into the social media stratosphere. Jordan will be teaching the ins and outs of story-driven content that speaks to your target market to grow your audiences, increase brand awareness and leverage the power of social.

How to deliver the best customer experience online

Amanda Stevens is here to present our next Masterclass Online presented by NBN Co to teach you how to deliver a great online experience. She'll outline strategies for connecting in a virtual world and how the new-found comfort level with zoom is creating opportunities to reach new markets, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Creative thinking for small businesses

In this Masterclass Online, Fiona and Olga from Naked Ambition will share inspiring examples of innovation through COVID times, how your team can come together to create new possibilities and give you practical methods to make this creative way of working sustainable. 

How to grow your followers (and have fun!) on Instagram

Jade Warne is a photographer, videographer and digital marketer, and in this masterclass will share a tried and tested framework to gain Instagram followers and figure out a content strategy that works for you. As an extra bonus, Jade will show you how to make a gif of yourself that you can use on your Instagram Stories. So. Much. Fun!

How to be a true ally

Winitha Bonney will take you through the journey of inclusion to give you the support you need to create equity and equality for People of Colour. You’ll walk away from this masterclass with a powerful action plan with the steps you and your organisation need to take to build a powerful culture of allyship.

How to tell your brand’s story

Anita Siek is bringing us this Masterclass Online presented by powerful accounting platform, Xero, and will be diving into how you can tell your brand’s story in a way that connects, builds trust, and converts. 

How to build and maintain a culture of accountability

In this masterclass, Jess Weiss will help you identify what accountability is, and what it looks and feels like, explore the behaviours of trust, clarity and buy in to understand how they build the foundations for having an accountability conversation and explore the four key areas for accountability.

Business Chicks presents Emma Isaacs

Over an hour, we pull on Emma's 20+ years of experience in business and dive into topics like money, mindset, roadblocks, fear and challenging the beliefs that hold us back. We cover her story of growing Business Chicks and networking with some of the world’s best leaders, ask what the past six months have really been like and even tackle that slightly cliched question that everyone loves to ask – with six kids and a global business, how the hell does she do it all? 

How to have an effective coaching conversation

In this masterclass, Nic McClanachan, CEO of Human Experience (and Master Facilitator for Business Chicks Business Club), will take us through the key skills of all strong coaches.

Five ways to improve your small business

Fiona Killackey, founder of My Daily Business Coach, is here to teach you the five ways that you can make an impact on your business NOW (yes, even during a pandemic).  

Why eBay should be in your distribution plan

In this Masterclass Online, we sat down with eBay’s Seller Marketing & Communications expert, Rachel Hopping, and Selina Blair-Holt, Coles Online Channel Planner, to learn how a retail giant like Coles uses eBay as part of their distribution plan, and why you should too.

Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance

With the help of Cathy Burke, this Masterclass Online will teach you what really sits underneath the scarcity mindset, and how you can transform your relationship to scarcity, lack and limitation. 

Financial wellness in the workplace

In this Masterclass Online, Kat Mills, who leads the partnerships and financial wellbeing strategy at Wisr, one of Australia’s leading financial wellness providers, joins us to show you how you can bring financial wellness into your organisation.

Teaching your kids about money

In this masterclass presented by AustralianSuper, Melissa Meagher from Talking Money will teach you how to teach your kids about money. Watch this Masterclass and help arm the next generation with the tools for financial success.

How to transition to a hybrid workforce

Alex Hattingh is a Chief People Officer and knows that a hybrid workforce or ‘remote-first’ approach is the way forward, and she’s leading this masterclass to give you the inside running for your teams. This masterclass is a must-see for anyone leading a team.

How to go low-tox

Alexx Stuart is the 5 x best selling author of Low Tox Life and owner of Her Low Tox Life podcast. This Masterclass Online is all about practical, empowering tips to reduce toxins across food, body, home, and mind to boost your health and our planet.

How to build radical confidence

In this masterclass with Megan Dalla-Camina, you’ll learn the tested and evidence-based three-part strategy to become your most confident self. Taught in some of the world’s most innovative organisations, you’ll walk away from this masterclass with a new level of understanding about what confidence is, and simple, game-changing strategies to implement immediately.

Optimising your work from home experience

Join Melissa Marsden's Masterclass to really shift your mindset and optimise your performance while working from home. Melissa will also provide some practical tips on how to continue to strengthen your workplace community and connections in an online forum.

Get started on your global expansion

COVID-19 presents some unique opportunities for companies that are or have been considering international expansion, and Naomi Seddon, international lawyer, will share all the tips and tricks in this Masterclass Online.

The power of online connection

International businesswomen Tory Archbold joins us in this Masterclass Online to help you harness the Power of Connection as a tool to set you up for your next level of success.

Overcoming struggle and uncertainty

During this Masterclass, Dr Adam Fraser draws on his own experiences and that of some pretty smart experts, to turn our ideas of happiness upside down and reveals why challenge, struggle and setbacks are the keys to living a profoundly satisfying life that fosters true happiness.

Investing 101

Rachel White, Senior Manager, Investment Product Strategy at Vanguard, explains why it’s important for women to invest, what you need to know to ensure your best chance of investing success and what we can learn from the past when it comes to volatility in financial markets.

The art and science of persuasion

The art of persuasion is a powerful tool, and Suzy Berry is here with a mighty toolbox full of persuasion and negotiation techniques for you to implement now. Suzy will uncover the psychology of why people say yes and how to apply these principles immediately and consistently.

The financial breakthrough you need

In this Masterclass, Mel Browne gives you the tools you need to make that financial breakthrough, allowing you to discover your 'Financial Phenotype': the unique combination comprising your Money Story, your Money Environment, your Money Type and, just as importantly, the habits, triggers and tricks that are right for you. 

Creating a winning content marketing strategy

In this masterclass, Sheree Mutton will show you how to build a content marketing strategy that will elevate brand awareness, connect with your target audience and establish credibility. She will look at the different content channels, and reveal the best ways to distribute, share and promote your content whatever your business or budget.

Indigenous-owned businesses – Why your support matters

Our three experts will dive into the benefits of investing in Indigenous-owned businesses, how best to spend your money with them, performative activism, how to be an ally and how unconscious bias plays out for Indigenous business owners too.

How to give less f*cks

In this masterclass, Sarah Knight teaches you her NotSorry Method for mental decluttering; how to make and stick to what she calls a “F**k Budget” for spending your time, energy, and money on things that truly make you happy; and how to discard the rest (without being an a**hole about it).

The benefits of doing business with the bush

Together with Women NSW, this Masterclass shines a spotlight on three incredible women running businesses and working in fulfilling careers from the bush. 

Diversity awareness training for individuals

Our three expert panellists dive into what inclusion really means and help you understand what actions you can take every day. Change starts with each of us. It starts with the conversations we have with our friends, what we tell our kids, who we vote into positions of power, and how we show up for people in our community.

Diversity awareness training for leaders

Together with Women NSW, this masterclass delivers diversity and inclusion training for leaders. Our three expert panellists will dive into what inclusion really means and arm you as a leader with the tools you need to create inclusive communities where you work.  

Health and wellbeing during a time of transition

Michele Chevalley Hedge believes that we need a foundation of nourishment to allow us to adjust, communicate effectively, think creatively and strategically and connect with our loved ones, and in this masterclass, will show us how we can be in peak mental and physical shape without cutting out the things we love.

Why you need to be thinking about money at every stage of life

Jane has authored books on how and why women must set themselves up for financial success, and how to make money a priority, and you NEED this information in your life.

Long-term strategic thinking for your business

Associate Professor Tim Kastelle shares ideas to help you focus on planning the actions that will see you thrive over the long-term. As we emerge from COVID-19 there’s never been a better time to reassess your business strategy, and Tim’s practical approach will help you balance short and long term priorities.

Leading self in the new era of leadership

Julia van Graas and Steph Clarke from Spiique take you through the future of leadership and what matters most. Steph and Julia believe that ‘new’ leadership is all about leading through self-reflection and having the conversations that matter, and you’ll leave this masterclass feeling empowered to bring these actions to life.

How to create high impact marketing on a small budget

Jane Hillsdon will show small business owners and marketers that getting the greatest bang for buck is simply a matter of creating impact, legacy, and loyalty while achieving efficiencies with marketing spends.

10 practical tips to increase your influence on LinkedIn

Personal branding expert, Carlii Lyon shares tips on how to present yourself in a way that creates real connection, and ideas to help you articulate your personal brand in the most impactful way possible.

Tech talks

Together with Salesforce, we’re bringing three women together who’ve built their careers in the tech industry for a panel discussion about what it takes to find success and what they hope to see for women in tech in the future. 

How to use data to grow your business

Elliot Cousins, the Managing Director of Vonto, joins us for our next masterclass to guide you through what it takes to make business decisions based on facts. 

How to manage your money in life and business

Jen Waterson, founder of Simply Smarter Numbers, joins us to break money management down into three bite-sized, logical pieces; money in, money out, and money forecasting.

How to stop doubting and start trusting

Margie Warrell will draw on her own hard-won wisdom, personal experience with COVID-19 as well as research from her latest book to help you expand your emotional bandwidth, be more grounded in self-certainty and trust yourself to transform the challenges ahead into opportunities.

Achieving financial independence later in life

Effie Zahos is an author, Editor-at-Large for Canstar, and one of Australia's leading personal finance commentators. She shares with us her tips on creating an achievement plan that can survive life's road bumps.

EOFY Tax Masterclass for small business

Chartered Accountant. Emma Piccione is here to teach you how to best organise your business for tax time.

EOFY Tax Masterclass for individuals

Chartered Accountant. Emma Piccione is here to teach you how to best organise yourself for the preparation of your individual tax return. 

An evening with Kathy Lette

Kathy Lette epitomises grabbing life with both hands and finding the light and laughter amongst painful life experiences.

Business storytelling for leaders

Yamini Naidu is an incredible storyteller and shares with us how to use storytelling to achieve professional success.

How to get your motivation back

Join psychologists and award-winning business-women Ali Hill and find out how to get your motivation back.

How to generate and convert sales online

Abbie White is a sales powerhouse and she's here to teach us the best ways to generate and convert sales in our tech-driven world. 

How to beat burnout

Holistic Life Coach Corona Brady shares her best tips and tricks for how to avoid burnout and live your best life. 

Why sport is the key to building confident girls

In partnership with Suncorp Team Girls, Laura Geitz and Clare Ferguson want to talk to us about the importance of getting your girls into sports and how it can help their confidence now and later in life.

Strategies to deal with stress

Every time we listen to Chelsea Pottenger, we feel infinitely more control of our lives and calmer moving forward. We sit down to learn how we can prevent and manage our stress everyday.

In conversation with Jay Shetty

Join Jay Shetty and Sarah Davidson as they discuss all things life, meditation, and mindfulness. If you haven't heard of Jay Shetty before, then you will definitely be obsessed after this!

Jobkeeper is here, what now?

Mel Browne is here to talk to us about what Jobkeeper means for your business and the steps you need to take to ensure you are covered. 

How to start a podcast

Join Rachel Corbett, one of Australia's leading podcast creators for a how-to on how to start your own podcast from the comfort of your home.

The gift in a crisis - unleashing a giant within

Rabia Siddique has overcome all sorts of adversity, from trauma as a child to being held hostage as an adult. So, how can you take a crisis and grow stronger from it?

How to cultivate a positive body image for you and your family

We chat with body warrior Taryn Brumfitt on how we can be setting ourselves and the ones around us to have healthy relationships with our bodies.

Growth opportunities in a crisis (for business owners)

The experts at Business of Brand, Sarah Skeats and Tim Dwyer, help us examine what opportunities there are for our business in times of crisis.

Why your mindset matters more than ever

Cathy Burke is the former CEO of The Hunger Project Australia. She's seen people suffering all over the world but also people reclaiming their power and space in the world. She'll explore how mindset is key to it all.

Having difficult and uncertain conversations with employees

We know that many staff are feeling nervous about their jobs and also coping with personal struggles. So, how do you check-in with employees to make sure they're okay?

How to lead a team remotely

Chris Khor is a career and work expert and she's here to empower you to feel more confident in leading and supporting your team, no matter where you're located.

How useful thinking changes the way you see everything

Chris Helder is one of the world's leading speakers and he wants to reframe the way you approach challenges by your thought mindset.

Making virtual meetings work - nailing the new normal

Join one of Australia's most well-known media personalities and journalists Shelly Horton to boost your professionalism and confidence in front of the camera.

Everything you need to know about fertility with Associate Professor Anush Yazdani

Women deserve to be empowered when it comes to making decisions about their reproductive future, which is why we’ve partnered with Queensland Fertility Group for this special Masterclass Online.

Everything you need to know about fertility with Dr Eleanor Egan

Women deserve to be empowered when it comes to making decisions about their reproductive future, which is why we’ve partnered with Melbourne IVF for this special Masterclass Online.

Everything you need to know about fertility with Dr Marcela Martin

Women deserve to be empowered when it comes to making decisions about their reproductive future, which is why we’ve partnered with IVF Australia for this special Masterclass Online.

How to handle anxiety during immense uncertainty

You are not alone if anxiety is creeping into your everyday, you're feeling overwhelmed, unsure or all of the above. So, we talk to clinical psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger on coping right now.

Marketing in troubled times

Our marketing budgets might be the first to be slashed so we explore the most effective and valuable marketing tools to be using right now, plus the best tone to keep in mind.

How to: Influence clients and keep sales happening

While many of us are experiencing mass downturn in sales, we've enlisted the help of sales expert Abbie White to help us pivot direction and modify our products/services.

Leading through uncertainty

As a leader, not only are you having to manage your own feelings of uncertainty but the nerves and stress of your team. So, how do you remain calm and help them thrive?

How families can stay positive during COVID-19

Feel like you're not only balancing your own emotions in crisis but your family as well? We sit down with Dr Lea Waters on how to navigate this period together.

Financial protection for your business

It's no secret we're in dire economic times so we sat down with financial educator Lacey Filipich to help prepare your business for what may come. 

Understanding government stimulus packages

Feel like there's been a hundred economic packages released in light of COVID-19 and you're still trying to wrap your head around it? We have an expert financial planner to unpack all of it.

How to: navigate workplace law

Business owners are being thrust into decisions they've never had to contemplate before and so quickly. So, we sat down with an employment lawyer to better understand processes at work.

How to: invest in shares

Find the stock market a daunting place? Or, have some cash aside and want to do more than save it? We have the expertise of Lacey Filipich to help you understand shares and where you could invest.

Understanding your rights at work

Many people are facing the prospect of redundancy, reduced hours or pay cuts. So, what are your rights when your boss sits you down for a tough conversation?

How to: diversify what your business has to offer

Instead of just speaking more or louder, we’re tackling the problem from another perspective: brand extension. We’ll be looking at how you can leverage your brand and how you could possibly extend it to other categories.

How to: find and keep a mentor

Whether you’re in your first career job, building a start-up, in middle management ready for the next step or navigating your first CEO role, having inspiring and generous mentors to tap into at any time is crucial.

Starting and scaling with Marie Forleo and Emma Isaacs

Join these two incredible entrepreneurs to dive deep on their best inside business tips, from money to mindset, fear and the challenges that could be holding you back.

How to: turn your personal brand into an asset

Whether you run your own show or work for somebody else, you can maximise your personal brand and make it an asset. We sit down with an expert for practical tips on how.

How to: be a more inclusive leader

Does everybody in your office think, look or act like you? We sit down with diversity and inclusion expert Fadzi Whande, to make sure you're creating an inclusive work and leadership space.

How to: win at social media advertising

Learn how to leverage social platforms for your business outside of the usual suspects: Facebook and Instagram. After this Masterclass, you’ll understand how ads work on Spotify, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, which one is better for your brand.

How to: ace your next performance review

Coming up to quarterly or yearly reviews? Whether you're a boss or employee, we've got the best tips to prepare for your upcoming check-in.

How to: collaborate with brands and influencers

CEO and Founder of Collabosaurus, Jess Ruhfus, dives deep on the perks of collaborating with brands and influencers, as well as the best ways to implement campaigns.

How to: get paid what you're worth

Rhonda Brighton-Hall will teach you how to effectively communicate your worth with your manager, learn how to reframe your mindset and how to control the conversation while keeping your professional relationship in good shape.

How to: expand your business internationally

Lucy Watson-Jones from Australia Post unpacks the benefits of the international market, as well as key strategies to implement it in your business.

How to: boost your money game

Finance editor, Effie Zahos covers the five biggest financial issues facing women, including Superannuation, smart ways to cut costs and more and how we can overcome them. 

How to: create more meaningful work

Kate Kendall gives us the time and space to reflect on our life's purpose, and with that in mind, better balancing our commitments.

How to: future proof your leadership skills

Dr. Nicole Hartley, MBA Director at UQ Business School, explores the significant role of women in leadership and how applying the use of technologies can enhance and shape our work culture.

How to: pivot in your career

Australia’s top career acceleration strategist Bella Zanesco and Jo Palmer, business owner and CSU Alumni will give you a no nonsense run through of how they got to where they’re at today and a 101 in how to pivot your career.

How to: influence with impact

Rearn Norman shares on the science behind how influence works, along with practical tools and tips on how to boost your ability to influence others.

How to: return to work after baby

Prue Gilbert will help you navigate a successful return to work – where your request for flexibility is secondary to your employee value proposition. She shares strategies for choosing the path that's right for you.

How to: make your business more mobile friendly

PayPal Australia's Head of Customer Engagement and Director of Mid-Market, Small Business and Partners discuss customer engagement and mCommerce.

How to: create a winning social media strategy

Founder of Stevie Says Social, Stevie Dillon, shares four key elements of a killer social strategy.

How to: turn your idea
into reality

Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Thankyou, shares his blueprint for challenging the status quo and how to turn your ideas into reality.

How to: find your top 5 strengths at work

Nic Morris, Founder and CEO of Human Tribe, shares with us how we can leverage our natural (and very much unique) talents and turn them into strengths. 

How to: set yourself up for financial success

Wealth Coach, Lisa Barber, shares her positive perspective around super and how it is an effective tax strategy to support the building of your wealth. 

How to: foster an innovative mindset

Tiziana Bianco, Asia-Pacific Director of Customer Success, Strategy and Innovation at Adobe, shares actionable ways to be a more innovative and creative leader.

How to: grow your business online with Google

Elizabeth Fox, Director of Google Marketing Solutions (ANZ), shares how small businesses can develop their presence online.

How to: maximise your impact at work

Emma Isaacs, Business Chicks Founder and author of Winging It, and resident host, Shelly Horton, share everything from managing up to finding a mentor.

How to: get your best tax return ever (small businesses)

Melissa Browne, an award-winning financial advisor and entrepreneur, shares her tax hacks to maximise your tax return for your small business.

How to: lead and manage millennials

Katrina Barry, Managing Director of Contiki Australia shares how to engage and keep millennials in your workplace. 

How to: get your best tax return ever (personal finances)

Melissa Browne, an award-winning financial advisor and entrepreneur, shares her tax hacks to maximise your tax return for personal finances.

How to: go from debt to deposit

Emily Power, author, property commentator and editor of Domain Magazine talks to us about how to buy a home. 

How to: use Facebook to grow your business

Mia Garlick, Director of Policy at Facebook Australia & New Zealand talks to us about using Facebook to grow your business and offers insider tips to get started. 

How to: manage stress

Amanda McMillan, founder and CEO of Wellineux shares her tips and techniques to slowing down, reducing stress and bringing more happiness into our lives.

How to: smash self-doubt

Margie Warrell, author, life coach and speaker talks to us about the best ways to drop imposter syndrome and be more confident. 

 How to: set yourself up for your best year yet

Lorraine Murphy, author, speaker and founder of the Remarkables Group talks to us about the seven steps we need to have a remarkable 2018.