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How it all started

The DREAM BIG concept began when Johnathan Kobé, an entrepreneur with ambitious dreams, started having problems pursuing those dreams. With a background in tech and corporate management, Johnathan had experienced the levels of stress encountered by pursuing big & risky projects. What he wasn’t prepared for was that stress being multiplied by every role an entrepreneur [who’s just starting out] must take on. It often leads to what’s called ‘burnout’; for Johnathan it also lead to an inability to consistently develop his own big ideas

While starting a new business, Johnathan experienced the ‘highs and the lows’; from an eventual boom of high-paying customers to losing many of them from a rapid shift in technologies. In the process of trying to save his business, Johnathan realized the most important asset wasn’t the model or any strategy to acquire new clients; it was his ability to see what truly mattered. Being caught up in the pressure to ‘succeed’ made it difficult to see where his time & energy should be spent. Instead of chasing new clients & ideas, he started to understand the importance of giving the ones he already had time to mature.

In order to stay in that ‘frame of mind’ and offer the right amount of attention to existing endeavors, it takes patience, focus, and clarity. Ending the workday with drugs & alcohol might have worked in the corporate environment, but it didn’t allow for developing the kind of ideas needed to take a new business to the next level.

For Johnathan, finding a better way to manage stress & energy that would provide more time for the things that mattered became a priority that eventually lead to the development of the DREAM BIG concept.


“Whether you have tried to quit ‘cold turkey’, given up on recovery programs, or are tired of wasting money on therapy, you’ll undoubtedly find the DREAM BIG system to be something entirely different. A solid understanding of how addictive substances affect your biochemistry forms the basis of this approach. Replacing each one with something profoundly more effective for managing stress & energy is the key to rapid & sustainable success. Putting these benefits to good use will lock in new habits as you’re rewarded for being and doing your best.”

-Johnathan Kobé

Johnathan Kobé
Founder - DREAM BIG
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