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How to choose the right cannabis for the activity - Part 1

Whether you’re new to cannabis, you may be aware that many consumers are engaged for reasons other than medicinal & recreational. Besides a peaked interest by sports enthusiasts, cannabis is also garnering attention from ‘high-achievers’ & ‘productivity seekers’ for it’s cognitive benefits. These ‘benefits’ seem to be leveraged by those who need to produce a lot of ideas regardless of how much stress they are undergoing.

Activities that can benefit from cannabis

Contrary to some common stereotypes, cannabis can do more than just reduce anxiety & depression. In fact, some cannabis can cause anxiety if consumed in excess. The key to understand is that there are different types of cannabis that produce a variety of effects. Some of these effects can yield very productive states, such as experiencing deep focus, improved spatial learning, and a more active imagination (important for those ‘creative types’). The key then is to know how to choose the right cannabis for the desired effects. Before getting into that topic, let’s establish a few use cases so that it’s clear what types of activities can benefit from cannabis…


Pretty much any kind of planning. When you want to focus on several possibilities and compare the pros & cons, there’s a type of cannabis for that…several actually, but we’ll get into that in a bit.

Creative Work

Design work, writing, and most other forms of creative pursuit can benefit from a dose of cannabis. When you think about the kind of work that requires a mix of imagination & rationalizing (such as designing a website or writing an inspirational email), consider that these activities can see a significant boost in creative output from cannabis.


Exercise, especially that which involves balance & hand-to-eye coordination, can take on a whole new dimension with the right cannabis. When you consider the ant-inflammatory and pain-reducing benefits alongside the cognitive benefits, these factors in combination can set you up for a much different experience when tackling exercise challenges. If you find yourself hitting a plateua in your endurance or you’re struggling to get over a bad swing in your game, the added ‘sensory perception’ from cannabis can be just enough to overcome mental & physical roadblocks.

Physical & Mental Recovery

Whether you exercise often or frequently deal with mental burnout, cannabis can step in to reduce the symptoms and speed up the recovery process. While ‘reducing inflammation’ is just one of the ways this happens, cannabis can also help speed the regeneration of bones and nerves.

Next Up >> What to Look for in a Cannabis Product

Now that we’ve covered the most common activity types that can benefit from cannabis, let’s explore what’s responsible for the most commonly reported cognitive benefits. Specifically, you’ll want to be able to identify which effects to expect from the available components in a specific cannabis product. In the next article, you’ll learn which combinations & relative quantities to look for in the chemical profile of a product in order to get the most effective results for the type of activity. This point cannot be stressed enough for those new to cannabis. If you start with the wrong kind of cannabis, you are more likely to dismiss it and thereby overlook the cognitive benefits. Better to read the manual on this one…hopefully this next post will point you in the right direction toward understanding what’s possible with the right type.

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Johnathan Kobé
Founder - DREAM BIG
Welcome to DREAM BIG! Learn how you can overcome anxiety, depression, & burnout with cannabis & natural supplements.
Johnathan Kobé
Founder - DREAM BIG
Welcome to DREAM BIG! Learn how you can overcome anxiety, depression, & burnout with cannabis & natural supplements.
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