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How Ready Are You?

The following suggestions will get you well on your way to having a great experience at the event. Just remember to keep things simple and avoid making a big ‘todo’ out of the changes.

Boost vitamin D levels

Whether you decide to get more sunshine or take a supplement, increasing your vitamin D stores can make a huge difference in your experience. Another good reason to reduce alcohol and caffeine is that they disrupt vitamin uptake. Most notably, your brain relies on vitamin D for dopamine production, making it important factor for those with symptoms of dopamine deficiency.

Reduce caffeine intake

In the case of caffeine, you’ll want to give yourself at least 24 hours to let the body naturally cleanse it out of the system. This is important because caffeine binds to some of the same receptors as cannabis in the brain, and ideally you want more of those receptors available to get the best results. Can you have a cup of coffee the day before? Tea is probably a better option, and some caffeine is recommended to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. If you’re an infrequent consumer, than you can probably avoid it altogether the day before.

Reduce sugar intake

Similarly to alcohol and caffeine, sugar can mess with your dopamine levels, so its best to limit intake starting the day before.

Disengage from disturbing information

If you regularly read the news and you notice it can be a source of frustration, anger, or even hopelessness, this would be something to consider ‘tuning out’ for a few days before the event. Also consider postponing anything that tends to stir-up your emotions or is otherwise ‘hard to put down’. Examples are binge watching/reading, long phone calls, etc.

get ample rest before the event

You’ll be outdoors doing a lot of walking, so expect to be fairly tired and ready for a good night’s sleep earlier than your typical bedtime. It’s strongly recommended to keep your schedule clear on those evenings so you can unwind and decompress from the day’s events.

And perhaps most importantly…keep a light heart about the changes you make. There may be times when things don’t seem to be working; you might even experience some frustration or hopelessness. Try to remember that neurochemistry is influenced by many factors; so it’s unreasonable to think that you can account for all of them even most of the time. Better to focus on what’s working than to get caught up in what might not be working. In other words, don’t obsess over inconsistencies. As you overcome certain imbalances and deficiencies, others will become easier to manage and correct.

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Johnathan Kobé
Founder - DREAM BIG
Welcome to DREAM BIG! Learn how you can overcome anxiety, depression, & burnout with cannabis & natural supplements.
Johnathan Kobé
Founder - DREAM BIG
Welcome to DREAM BIG! Learn how you can overcome anxiety, depression, & burnout with cannabis & natural supplements.
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