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How to Prepare for Dream Big

First Steps

Some of the items below may seem like just basic tips for any event. Each one can still have a significant impact on your results, so please read carefully and consider anything that may be especially applicable to your situation.


Reduce alcohol intake the week before. The goal here is reduce alcohol consumption to almost zero by the 3 days before the event. In other words, you don’t need to totally avoid alcohol for a week, but a gradual reduction to the point that you’re only consuming about 1 drink/day or less is ideal. Alcohol disrupts dopamine levels and cause a deficit for days following consumption. It’s important that your dopamine levels are healthy leading up to the event, and since it takes most people a few days to get back to their baseline, starting a week early is recommended.

Reduce caffeine intake the day before. In the case of caffeine, you’ll want to give your body about 24 hours to metabolize and expel most of what’s in your system. This is important because caffeine binds to some of the same receptors as cannabis in the brain, and ideally you want more of those receptors available to get the best results. Can you have a cup of coffee the day before? Something with less caffeine is (like tea) is probably a better option, and some caffeine is actually recommended to avoid withdrawal symptoms (such as headaches). If you’re an infrequent consumer, then consider completely avoiding it the day before.

Reduce sugar intake the day before. Similarly to alcohol and caffeine, sugar can mess with your dopamine levels, so its best to limit intake starting the day before.

Reduce cannabis consumption the day before. This recommendation only applies if you are a daily consumer. Bottom line is you’ll want to allow enough time for certain receptors in the brain to ‘down-regulate’ (which can be thought of as a ‘cool down’ period from THC).

Boost vitamin D levels. Whether you decide to get more sunshine or take a supplement, getting more vitamin D can make a huge difference in your experience. Another good reason to reduce alcohol and caffeine is that they deplete vitamin D. Your brain relies on vitamin D for dopamine production, so once again we want to encourage healthy levels of this important neurotransmitter.


Disengage from information that tends to ‘disturb’ you. If you regularly read the news and you can notice that it’s often a source of frustration, anger, or even hopelessness, this would be something to consider ‘tuning out’ for a few days.. Also consider postponing anything that tends to stir-up your emotions or is otherwise ‘hard to put down’. Examples are binge watching/reading, marathon phone calls, etc.


Plan to get ample rest at least the 3 days before the event. If you’re currently struggling with mild-to-moderate insomnia, refer to your assessment results for recommendations. If those don’t seem to work in your situation, reach out via the live chat on the support page.

Schedule time for rest each evening after the event. You’ll be outdoors doing a lot of walking, so expect to be fairly tired and ready for a good night’s sleep earlier than your typical bedtime. It’s strongly recommended to keep your schedule clear on those evenings so you can unwind and decompress from the day’s events.

5 Days

4 Days

3 Days

2 Days

1 Day

* If you take cannabis for medical reasons and feel that abstaining from cannabis may be problematic for your condition, consider scheduling fewer doses to be taken earlier in the day.

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