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Meet new people, learn new things and challenge your idea of what you thought was possible

For 17 years, we’ve lead the charge, creating events and community to empower women in business (and we’re not slowing down now).


Whether you’re after community, education, inspiration or networking… our membership will help you dream bigger, upskill further, and put you in the room with your next biggest opportunity. This is a membership for women (and men) who want to rise to new heights, and bring others along with them.


If you want to hear from life-changing people, and feel inspired to live your own one-of-a-kind life, you need to come along to one of our world renowned events. Meet our amazing members at our online or in-person meet-ups, or come along to one of our large events and you might just catch Brené Brown, Nicole Kidman, Arianna Huffington, Diane von Furstenberg, Jacinda Ardern and Sarah Jessica Parker (just to name a few).

As a Business Chicks Member

What you’ll have access to


When you’re surrounded by others that think big, it tends to rub off. Find out what’s possible for you, we’ve got a tonne of adventures on offer.


Upskill in everything from leadership and money to mindfulness and confidence, we’ll give you access to the best experts around.


Weekly meet-ups, discounts on all in-person events and a network of thousands to tap into and lean on – you’ll find your people at Business Chicks.

“Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities.”

(We don’t know who said it, but we’re pretty sure they’d just been at one of our events)

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you thrive and succeed

As a member, you’ll be among more than 500,000 people across the globe in a community. We’ve got some serious street cred, having been around the block for over 17 years. You’ll have access to a network of tens of thousands of women as you acquire skills and connections to group your business and career.

You’ll also gain wisdom, be entertained and learn from speakers like Brene Brown, Richard Branson, Floria Steinem, as well as help raise funds (over $13 million now) for a bunch of not-for-profits.

We exist to put you in the room and give more women a seat at the table

“Becoming a Business Chicks member is the best investment ever. I found my people here.”

General Manager, Technium


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Our partnerships give you the opportunity to be a partner in the equity of women in business and reach our audience of tens of thousands of Australia’s top women (and men) in business. Learn more.


Get access to life-transforming leadership journeys, support platforms and once-in-a-career experiences. Come to our annual Movers and Breakers conferences and forge deep connections with other members and learn from some of the best. From Queenstown to Richard Brandon’s Necker Island, you do not want to miss this. Learn more.


If there's one thing we know at Business Chicks, it's that the best lessons come from the people around us and the ones who have come before us. Grab a cuppa or a wine and read the stories and lessons learnt from some of the inspiring women in the Business Chicks community. Take me there!


Pore over stories that matter in our digital magazine, Latte. Psst. We also publish a glossy print mag just for Premium members. Browse recent issues.

Meet Emma Isaacs

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Investor, Business Chick.

I’ve been winging it my whole life. I dropped out of college at 18 to start my first company, then a few years later bought Business Chicks (even though everyone told me not to). I’ve spent the past 17 years as the CEO of this now global community of women.

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